AABN is a Network of fifty (50) Certified Business/Technical Advisors nationwide and 10,000 members globally governed by a seven-member Governing Advisory Group. We are affiliated to the Innovative Centre for Women, Agribusiness and SME Management and the Executive Business Advisory Services (EBGP).

AABN is networked with high level international agencies, local partners in business development and government agencies home and globally certified with Process and Internationally certified agreements. We set the pace for private and non-governmental youth and women enterprise development in Africa based on action- research and delivery of result.

Today, AABN is poised to upscale through caring and sharing what we have learned for massive trans-generational development in Africa and beyond.


From humble beginnings , AABN Patrons, Founders, directors and a few members Certified Business Advisors led by young Africans with vast enterprise development experience committed time, resources and passion into research and development . After a decade, reflections with same group is phenomenal! The vision has changed the lives of the volunteer members and imparted their families, personal perspectives and most importantly their careers in business and corporate sector.

The success story here is that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! With persistence and patience, the vision has grown and impacted over 10,000 persons around the globe, with the biggest impact in Africa! Over 40% of beneficiaries are outside Africa, but have committed to change their careers to support Africa whether in DC, Asia or UK to support a youthful generation of Africans ready to commit same for business growth and success! Today the vision of Hope for Businesses in Africa is a reality! Investment is pointing to Africa.

The African Young person ready to seize the opportunities in Africa and partner with others to grow the continent from the Dark Continent to the light continent? AABN is still in the business of bring unexplained light to Africa, a day at a time through persistence, passion and the people. No force can stand in the path of the unexplained light!


Maureen Erekua Odoi
Executive Director/AABN (Team Leader). Highly experienced Private Sector Development Consultant to World Bank, UN Gender Systems Program, Empretec Ghana and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. Expertise in Agribusiness, Value Chain Development, project design, project management, training and policy action design, with a focus on women and youth. Provided services to over 10,000 entrepreneurs, youth and women’s groups and over 3000 SMEs across Ghana. As an experienced business advisor; instrumental in building the capacity of many of today’s Club 100 entrepreneurs.
Bennet Kpentey
He has 17-years professional experience as a consultant and has served clients in the private and public sectors as well as international agencies including the World Bank, DFID, UNDP and The Netherlands Embassy. His expertise covers strategy, corporate finance and business valuation. He has provided advisory support for a number of financial institutions and microfinance setups in Ghana in areas such as strategic planning, business plan development, business valuation and training and capacity development. He has a wealth of experience in the financial sector.
Rehema Isa
Founding member and Managing Director of Fuse Project Management. MBA ILO Accredited Trainer and Business Advisor Specializes in consultancy in enterprise development and transformation. With a background in accounting and finance, Rehema's corporate experience spans major corporations in the financial services sector. As an entrepreneur she has consulted to both local, African, Fortune 100 companies and UN bodies. She also specializes in Marketing Information System.
Gordon Doe
Highly experienced in business finance, business development, business plan, client service and relationship management. He also has an extensive experience in engineering. He however specialises in financial analysis, investment appraisals and credit analysis.


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Kelvn Lancer CEO, Digital Services UK
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Tony-Hilfiger CIO, UK Electrical JSC