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Outstanding Ghanaian Products/ Services to Receive Awards

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The third ‘Made in Ghana’ Awards (MIGA) 2015, has nominated a number of premium quality Ghanaian industries for honours at a ceremony scheduled for October this year at the Banquet Hall, State House

The third ‘Made in Ghana’ Awards (MIGA) 2015, has nominated a number of premium quality Ghanaian industries for honours at a ceremony scheduled for October this year at the Banquet Hall, State House.

The event which is an initiative of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana (EFG), is being organized under the auspices of the Ministries of Trade and Industry and
Finance, with support from Ghana Standards Authority on the theme, “Nationalism, The key to Social and Economic Development”.

These were contained in a release signed by Mr Sam Ato Gaisie, President Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana, and copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

“The Made in Ghana Awards’ is basically to honor locally made products and wholly Ghanaian owned service industries which have exhibited excellence in premium product and service quality over several years”, it said.

Fifteen of the premium quality products and service organizations would be inducted into the prestigious ‘Made in Ghana Hall of Fame’, whiles another ten would be selected for award as ‘Made in Ghana Products and Services of the Year’ for their exceptional contribution to the development of the private sector in creating
economic and social values.

The release explained that MIGA was meant to create awareness, provide a boost to business profile and reputation, as well as increase the credibility of
products and services in both international and local markets.

“The key objective of the award is a campaign to provide the platform for Ghanaian consumers to patronize Ghanaian made products and also encourage Ghanaian
service industries to make significant improvements in service quality, service delivery and innovation to meet challenges of international standards.”

It further explained that the consumer survey assessment criteria for the manufacturing industry selection was based on the basis of five parameters that
demonstrate overall product premium quality, labeling, packaging, competitiveness and standard certification offering a point of difference from competitors.

The assessment criteria for the service industry selection was also based on the basis of four parameters that demonstrate overall service quality, delivery,
competitiveness and innovation.

The categories include Made in Ghana Hall of Fame products and services, Products and Services of the Year and Emerging Products and services of the Year.

Source: GNA

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