Solid Waste Business (SOWBiz) Project

Solid Waste Business (SOWBiz) Project

AABN worked with Global Communities on the ‘YES’ project. AABN trained youth with little or no formal education in health and safety, business development and financial literacy. AABN further tailored the training based on results of sector analyses and youth’s feedback, and covered the basic skills required to sustain a micro- or small enterprise in four solid waste value chains in Accra: Thin Film Plastic, Composting, E-Waste and Ferrous Metal. At the end of the project, AABN had provided business development services and occupational health and safety training to 1,366 youth, 400 value chain actors and 21 microenterprises. To complement the training, AABN facilitated access to finance for nearly 500 youth through three financial institutions.


22 January 2015