Ghana Supplier Diversity Program (GSDP)

Ghana Supplier Diversity Program (GSDP)

The Ghana Supplier Diversity Program (GSDP) assisted women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and access new opportunities by using market research to tailor training topics. In 2011, AABN piloted the project with 30 women entrepreneurs to improve their skills and capacity to serve as packed food and uniform suppliers to multinational corporations. AABN trained the women on topics such as the Procurement Act and market access opportunities, and then linked them with representatives of multinational corporations, including the Vice President of the Marriott International hotel chain. To promote knowledge sharing, AABN organized GSDP bi-monthly meetings and networking events for women entrepreneurs. Other activities included registering participants as certified suppliers on government agency websites, brief lectures, case studies presentations, action plan tools, community service and assessments.


22 January 2015